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When asked to describe his work, his answer is almost always, “my poetre is not poetry.” This means that what he does, what he writes, isn’t just words thrown together, but a piece of himself forever etched into the annals of time. He even adopted the moniker, “Poetre,” so that it would be known that he is the physical embodiment of all he writes.

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Journey with Jamal Rashad as he escorts you on journeys through the many universes his mind often resides. Join Jai in “Date Night” as he prepares for a date while his roommates annoy him; ride along with Lance and Gwen as they head east on a road trip in “The Drifter”; or walk through a museum with the culprits of what has been dubbed “the greatest art heist in history” in a two-part series.

Jamal Rashad promises to leave you wanting more and to stay in each world he has created for your reading pleasure.

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